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Good color of cushion for leaning on to bring a warm
The color everywhere can adjust the atmosphere of the bedroom. In indoor total colors are relatively simple, cushion for leaning on the purity of some high bright color, formed by the cushion of bright color to enliven the atmosphere. Such as indoor sleeping tone is bright and rich, you can consider using the cushions of the simple gray color series, intermediary to coordinate the indoor color.
The sofa and the other on the frontal frontal, suited to the size, should not be too large and cover the beautiful furniture. Some very simple wooden table smooth, texture beauty, with the frontal, back into the plant. In a word, choose the frontal to suit one's measures to local conditions. With decoration and decorative effect can be choose bold, not decorative effect and even affect the overall aesthetic, not bad.
Curtain, bedspread, a large area of fabrics, on the color and pattern and the choice of materials, should as far as possible, in the production style to echo up. Not lace curtains, and other colors to the straight edge of the bedspread, again a cross stitch mesh sofa cloth, such bedroom decoration make people feel as if picked from several places to put something together. Can be seen in the use of indoor decorations, uniform color, uniform style is essential.
When choosing these large areas, the color of the wall and the ground should be considered. In general, the fabric color should be soft, elegant. Such as the background color is Eau fabric colors can moderate the bright, patterns can be more complex, in order to create a warm atmosphere. On the contrary, the color of the fabric will have to choose a certain number of the use of a unified atmosphere, in short, to combine the overall environmental tone to select the specific fabric color.

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