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For the home added a warmth Beauty and practical pay equal attention to the curtain selection skills
[Abstract] the study: can choose fresh green curtains, creating a natural, quiet atmosphere. In the light Pianan the north room for choice of neutral and cold color curtain; and in the light of the sunny room, hanging the curtain of chestnut red or yellow tone to the strong light adjusted to stray light and soft, tender texture contrast room.
One, four big functions of the curtains
1, Yi Qingjie
Curtains, fabrics, cotton is more appropriate, easy to clean and replace, gauze qualitative curtain although fresh and elegant, but easy to be contaminated by dust, cleaning up is not very convenient.
2, Qiang Zheguang
If we want to during the day has a comfortable service of the lunch break, light strong words, will affect the rest, the curtain with good shading effect should be chosen according to the light, recommendations for the selection of cotton or flocking curtain, shading effect is better.
3, anti noise
Oh, if the bedroom is just busy streets, sound-absorbing effect good curtains become preferred fabric flocking, hemp, cotton effect is relatively better, under normal circumstances, the thick curtains, it sound-absorbing effect is better, the texture of a good bedroom curtains can be reduced about 15% of the outside noise.
4, temperature adjustment
People have about 1/3 of the time every day to stay in bed, the heat of the summer and the cold winter, how to reduce it? Summer can choose cool color curtains, the room is not so hot, and in winter can choose warm color to fasten the main curtain, can appear a lot of warmth.

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