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The four skills of choose and buy of the curtain
1, curtain size should be appropriate
The area of the curtains to cover the window will play a good shading effect. The length of the curtains should be determined by the window. Floor to ceiling windows and frame window need landing screens; the sill above the floor windows can landing screens, window curtains, larger windows should select the width of the window curtain, such talent to visual balance effect.
2, curtain and window matching
Horizontal window. For this short and wide of the typical window, if there is no deep balcony and radiator, then choose the floor curtain is a better choice.
Bay. For the big bay window can be composed of several pieces of single ply landing curtains, each ply individually good, using a continuous curtain box of the various pieces of cloth are connected into a whole. If the window is small, or is curved, can be used as a whole for decoration. Do a double curtain, on both sides of each piece can be completely pulled to the window.
3, the curtain pattern is exquisite
Curtains should be the size of the window size, the living room, and the age of the living room, as well as interior decoration, furniture style coordination. If the window is short, don't try to choose the horizontal pattern or small floral pattern. Small window to avoid large pattern of curtains.
4, the color of the curtain to see space
Living room: the best choice of warm colors of the curtain, set off a warm, warm atmosphere.
Study: can choose fresh green curtains, creating a natural, quiet atmosphere.
Bedroom: you can select the balance of color, soft, comfortable, bring comfortable visual experience.
In the light Pianan the north room for choice of neutral and cold color curtain; and in the light of the sunny room, hanging the curtain of chestnut red or yellow tone to the strong light adjusted to stray light and soft, tender texture contrast room.

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