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The choose and buy of decorating talent sharing window curtain skill
The so-called Piaochuang, general is rectangular or trapezoidal bulges towards outdoor, unlike the traditional flat window only one side is the glass, but on three sides are equipped with glass. Large lighting glass and spacious windows, so that people have a wider perspective, more to give life to romantic color. Popular Piaochuang divided into two forms, one is step, a is completely fall, integrated with the ground. They not only increase the Huxing lighting, ventilation function, but also for commercial housing Wailimian add to the charm of the building.
The transformation of windows
What need reminds is, first of all to remind senior households, to family life safety, we must strengthen the security door window, as far as possible in the indoor window to install safety protection bar; regularly check the windows, once found loose, sliding phenomenon to timely reinforcement; parents should imposed on children's safety education and management, improve the safety awareness of children, lest Piaochuang "gone with the wind" out of danger.
Window curtain
Since speaks Piaochuang, do not know you have not paid enough attention to, usually windows are equipped with its characteristic of window curtains, so Xiaobian want in this post to introduce Piaochuang curtains.
A window curtain, buying tips
Home improvement has a job is absolutely indispensable, and that is to buy curtains fabric. A senior designer believes that the real manifestation of the characteristics, highlighting the artistic quality of the curtain fabric and other soft decoration. In particular, curtains, fabric sofa, bedding, they are more decorative than practical, so in the selection of fabric, fashion, beauty should be the preferred standard.
The windows of the purchase curtains change skills - steady
When the living room decoration, custom curtains and other fabric has become another important task. As ordinary consumers, this time is to buy their own, watch it undecided. Stylist thinks, supporting custom the insurance, for example, the living room selected curtains can re-election of the same color cloth, sofa, or cushion, the old sofa to set, so that the living room of the coordination degree is good grasp. Similarly, bedroom, children room in this way is also very suitable, bedding, curtains, cushions are unified in a color or color, stability and change, coordination and vivid.
Tips to buy - style curtains Piaochuang
In a room, the size and shape of the window, to choose a different style, sometimes can play to make up for some of the window type defects. Currently on the market more popular styles of Roman blinds, harnesses screens, mobile screens, litre fall shade, as well as for the bathroom, the kitchen of the metal shutters, wooden, bamboo blinds, etc., suitable for bedroom use day and night dual-purpose woven blinds is extremely convenient. Generally speaking, with large areas of glass viewing window can use is equipped with pull rope machine window rail, with floor to ceiling curtain effect is good, with several groups of Roman blinds splicing, the decoration effect is stronger.
The windows of the purchase curtains skills - texture
The price of fabric curtains is affected by the quality of the fabric, cotton, linen, silk, wool texture of higher prices, but also the most popular consumer favorite. The current price is not the main factor of the consumption of the main factors, in contrast to the original design of the novel to attract consumers. But with some new flowers, floral pattern design is the most popular. However, these fabrics have a certain shrinkage rate, the purchase of the hand to loose some of the size of the shrinking, the current state has no standards on the shrinkage rate, the European standard of execution in 3% to 5%, when the purchase is best to ask clear.
Reasonable use of windows, can bring effect to beat all the room. Fast with good housekeeping together, the the "treasure" of the transformation into the most suitable host place to live, let it become "lots of gold"!
Windows function change
Two, window function design change
1 change of recreation room
Varied recreation room
If the living room is small, the windows into a small recreation room. Actually, as long as a board inscribed with a small tea table is placed in the middle of the Piaochuang, around the pendulum of a soft pad of group, you can and friends together to drink tea, play chess, chatting... Here not only ventilation lighting class, vision is also a first-class.
2 change of emotion in the garden of Eden
Change the emotion of the garden of Eden
The woman inborn love to dream, have a clear view of the sunset, the night view of the sky window is many women dream. Now, women can put Piaochuang hang pink or purple calico curtains, placed on a fragrance lamp, placed next to a small sofa or lay on the soft carpet, put a few lovely pillow, well imagine the past and the future. Can also do a set of beautiful cabinets for Piaochuang Taiwan, again pull over one third of the space on the windowsill, magically turn into a sophisticated dresser and enlist all beauty as a weapon. In this way, one of their own private space generated. With these, a holding dolls lazy nest afternoon, when the girl's first love!
3 change of the little book Gallery
Change the little book Gallery
Windows can be turned into a "variety" of Taiwan, do you believe it? In windows and table volume set to make high 20 - 40 cm desk mesa, in such a way as to "," out of the table leg, and saving materials, "steal" the unexpected space. And then put it into a number of drawers, can put a lot of broken things. In addition, with the overall study design, in close to the corner of the window to create a series of study design, such as computer desk, bookshelf, bookcase... After the completion, a beautiful and spacious study on your. Of course, in order to let the computer, table lamp these must use the electricity of the guys do not need to go across the room to pick up electricity, remember that the decoration must be in advance in this position will be buried.
4 variable air bed
Variable air bed
If your window is large enough, there are two or three meters long and nearly a meter wide, and you happen to be a favorite romantic, starlight bath sleep and wake up the sunshine of hope, might as well put into a small single bed Piaochuang transformation of your home. For example, you can retain the original marble table, curtain hanging in the lighting glass, between the windows and interior and a curtain. When you wake up, the other is the palace type window curtain, gently opened the romantic, is floating in the air of the small romantic bed. And full of stars of the night, sleep in the air, a small bed, really look forward to a deep dialogue with the stars ah!

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