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Identify the method of textiles
There are four kinds: combustion method, microscope method, hand visual method, chemical reagent test method
Combustion method
Definition: the fabric is placed in an open flame to burn, observe the deformation of the fiber, the flame, the flame speed, the smell and color, the shape of the ash and the rest of the residue after burning.
1, simple combustion method
Cotton, in the event of a fire that is burning, fast speed, the flame is yellow, slightly gray smoke and the smell of burning paper, classes of burnt ember valuables was dark gray.
Hemp fiber: similar to cotton, but ash is white.
Wool, flame-retardant, encounter as a first crinkly, after burning fiber foaming and fire is orange, in the smell of burning protein, burning faster than cotton, ashes, is forming dark brown shape, pressing by hand is broken, into a loose powder.
Silk: combustion shape and hair fiber is similar, first rolled into a ball, the combustion speed was faster than that of wool, the taste of the protein, but the smell to smaller than wool. Brown small ball after burning.
Similar to cotton, viscose fiber: the burning speed faster than cotton, yellow flame, burning smell, ash is gray or grayish.
Such as: when burning melt drop, the flame was blue. Black smoke generation top, slightly fragrant smell, ashes a lump, a broken finger pressure.
Nylon: fire, fire first curled, melt into transparent jelly, hot wire can be pulled out, the taste of celery. Ash is not fragile.
2, burning coloring method
The fiber type is close to the flame of the flame and the shape of the flame is in the wet state.
Tencel fiber melting shrinkage burning rapidly continue burning black ash Hei Lanqing burning smell
Modal fiber melting shrinkage burning rapidly continues to burn black grey blue grey paper taste
Soybean protein fiber contraction does not melt combustion, smoke is not easy to spread the taste crisp black grey brown singeing
The bamboo fiber does not melt does not shrink rapidly burning to burn burning taste black grey blue and grey
Chitin fiber does not melt does not shrink quickly to continue burning burning smell burning black grey black
Microscope observation
Fiber type / longitudinal shape / cross section morphology
Tencel fiber / smooth / more regular round or oval, with a core layer
Modal fiber / longitudinal 1~2 root groove / irregular similar to the waist round, smooth, with leather core
Soybean protein fiber / surface has irregular grooves and island like concave convex / concave shape and waist circle
Bamboo fiber / surface has a groove / zigzag type, with leather core layer
Viscose based chitin fiber / surface has obvious groove / edge saw tooth type, core layer has obvious small gap

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